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Pole Tent
Frame Material Roof Type Clear Span (Width) Span Eave Height Ridge Height
Aluminum Basic 6.00m 3.00m 2.50m 3.60m
8.00m 3.00m 2.50m 4.00m
10.00m 3.00m 2.50m 4.30m
12.00m 3.00m 2.50m 4.70m

the Pole Tent SERIES is available in 6m,8m,10m and 12m widths in any length continuous in 3.0m bays.
this series is suitable for many different occasions including family celebrations, corporate functions or storage tent.

here are just one or two ideas as to how you can get the most out of your pole tent
*Parties*Weddings*Events*Shows *sporting events*Arenas


The ground work is flexible, suit for different condition of ground surface, such as uneven ground. In addition, different ground should adopt different methods, e.g. asphalt and grass ground should use steel nail, concrete ground should use expansion bolt and load plate suit for every ground

System floor

We suppply various kinds of floor
1. Average Quality
2. Medium  Quality
3. Superior Quality

Side wall

PVC Faric Sidewall: widely used in party tent(marquee), exhibition tent(marquee), storage tent(marquee) and so on


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